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法阿姆背后的奉献者”系列专访(三) The Series of "The People Behind FAAM"(Ⅲ)


People Behind FAAM – Sunny Wang



Sunny Wang majored in international business and joined Yixing FAAM as soon as he graduated. It was his first job, which has transformed into a career that he has devoted himself to. He started from the workshop as an intern and kept studying to improve his knowledge of battery products. Over the past 12 years, from workshop to office, from the company's warehouse logistics director to sales assistant, and now to the sales manager, Sunny Wang’s work in the company may not have garnered public attention, however, his selfless dedication can be recognized for all to see. He says that the atmosphere at FAAM is lively and the staff vibrant, providing him with a positive attitude every day.




Sunny Wang is not only a good employee, but also a good father. Although he is very busy at work, he will make sure to spend time with his family on weekends or holidays. He will always be sure take his two precious daughters to the movies, the zoo and amusement parks, the whole family always has a good time together whenever they go on a big family trips.



Speaking of his hobbies, Sunny Wang has said that he is a fan of table tennis----the quintessential Chinese sport. He has also been awarded first place in the company's table tennis competition. In his spare time, he always invites a few friends over to play table tennis together, not only to exchange skills, but also to relax.




He is happy to share his work experience over the years with his new employees as he explains that everyone must be serious and rigorous in their work and have a positive attitude. When facing problems, we should learn to put ourselves in the shoes of others.

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