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FAAM’s Customers Stories(I)-Yixing Lettall 我们的故事(一)——宜兴法阿姆×宜兴利通

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to a special customer——Jiangsu Lettall Electronic Co. LTD.





The headquarters of Lettall Electronic is located in the industrial area of Xushe town, Yixing city, Jiangsu province. It mainly engages in the design, production and sales of precision metal structural parts and electronic components in the field of liquid crystal display, but why is it a special customer? It’s not only due to the fact that we are neighbors (we are geographically speaking very close to eachother), but they are also one of our most influential customers.






Lettall Electronic and Yixing FAAM started business many years ago and at first, they chose to buy FAAM batteries as Yixing FAAM company was close by to Lettall Electronic, especially considering that the follow-up maintenance of the batteries would be much more convenient. After several years of cooperation with Yixing FAAM, they found that FAAM's battery quality and after-sales maintenance were really quite reliable. A fine example can be taken from the fact that at the beginning of this year, Lettall Electronic had a battery set that needed to be replaced, the battery set in question was the FAAM brand battery produced all the way back in 2013 and although the battery had passed its normal service life, it was still in use up until this year!





All Lettall Electronic subsidiaries now specify the usage of FAAM brand batteries when purchasing electric forklifts. Many thanks to the support and trust of Lettall Electronic, we look forward to further cooperation between FAAM and Lettall Electronic for many years to come. We also hope that more and more customers will continue to trust and support FAAM in the same way Lettall Electronic has and cooperate with each other for win-win results!


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