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“法阿姆背后的奉献者”系列专访(五) The Series of 'The People Behind FAAM'(Ⅴ)


法阿姆背后的奉献者People behind FAAM

孙永明 Bruce Sun



From a FAAM internship in February 2008, to today's sales manager, originally a fresh graduate with hope and vision for the future joining the FAAM family, today, Bruce Sun is able to stand on his own, following the company's development step by step and working together with colleagues and leaders for the company's development for 12 years.


A poster designed at the very first beginning when Bruce Sun started to work at FAAM


At the beginning of his entry into FAAM, he began to learn professional knowledge and skills gradually from after-sales service. In his five years working in after-sales service, Bruce has basically covered the entirety of China and provided professional and high-quality after-sales service for FAAM users. Since 2013, he has served every FAAM customer diligently and conscientiously since he became a sales officer.


After twelve years of work, Bruce Sun has accumulated an immeasurable amount of practical work experience, while also doing away with any youthful frivolity or recklessness, as he believes that a down-to-earth attitude is the real wealth of people’s working lives.


Bruce has an honest and trustworthy character and a strong team spirit. As the leader of the department, he adopts a capable and decisive style combined with good organizational and communication skills. Main attributes which can stand to his character include a strong willpower and hard-working quality, a responsible and optimistic personality, with the ability and willingness to actively face difficulties and challenges.


No matter how rugged and dangerous the road ahead, Bruce has stated that he believes: FAAM will be able to weather any storm!

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