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我们最近收到了一个来自GSEL的神秘包裹 Recently, We Received A Mysterious Package From GSEL...

近日,宜兴法阿姆收到了GSEL-VESL寄来的神秘礼物——香港GSEL为香港空运货站对FAAM 顶级ENDURANCE系列续航电池进行的测试报告。

Recently, Yixing FAAM received a mysterious gift from GSEL-VESL, the long awaited test report on FAAM’s Top ENDURANCE battery.

香港GSEL为香港空运货站对FAAM 顶级ENDURANCE系列续航电池进行的测试报告

Test Report by GSEL Hong Kong for HACTL on FAAM’s Top ENDURANCE Battery


Test duration: 20 months non-stop practical trials by HACTL


From the test report, we can see that the available capacity of the FAAM Top ENDURANCE Battery produced by our company is 576Ah from first use, and 568AH after 20 months of continuous use, with only a 1.4% loss, showcasing a long service life and amazing endurance.


The ENDURANCE Battery supplies higher flexibility and operating efficiency during its use. The technology allows a considerable reduction in the water used compared to traditional batteries, lower electrical input currents whilst achieving power and reduced overheating of the battery. All of these factors ultimately translates into increased safety, a higher operating flexibility and the need for less water refilling. In addition to which, the reduced frequency of maintenance activities therefore results in reduced operating costs





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