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法阿姆与IDI的再次相遇 FAAM Meets IDI, A Long Established Co-Operation


11月20日至22日,2020意大利品牌设计展 (IDI)在上海M50艺术园区举办, 今年是IDI举办的第五届,主题为“风格与可持续性”。作为意大利品牌设计展的老朋友,法阿姆当然不能缺席。

Italian Design Icons (IDI) 2020 was held from November 20th to 22nd at M50, Shanghai. This year, IDI held its fifth session with the theme of "Style and Sustainability". As an old partner & friend of the Italian Design Icons, as evidenced by FAAM being a regular fixture at IDI, FAAM once again certainly made their presence felt during the exhibition this year.


This year, IDI brought together many top Italian brands and innovative technological enterprises, which have influenced tens of thousands of product designs both in China and the West as well as greatly changing the lives of countless people around the world.


Throughout the three day event, designers, architects and company directors from all over the world shared a series of lectures this year’s topic, and representatives of the participating brands and partners shared their ideas and visions about sustainability, in order to help achieve a more sustainable society and promoting industrial design among the public, art and design enthusiasts as well as students in attendance.


其中,宜兴法阿姆工业电池有限公司总经理Ermanno Vitali先生为法阿姆电池代言,就“可持续”电池为核心发表演讲,浅谈未来循环经济,并表示法阿姆电池安全性能高、投资回报高、维护成本低、能源成本低

Among this year’s icons, Mr. Ermanno Vitali, General Manager of Yixing FAAM Industrial Battery Co., Ltd. represented the company as the spokesperson of FAAM battery. Mr. Vitali gave his speech with ‘Sustainable’ batteries as the core element of discussion, further elaborating on this point while discussing elements of the future circular economy, and stated that FAAM’s batteries have high safety performance, a high return on investment, low maintenance and low energy cost.



A commitment to sustainability while still maintaining high performance levels and service within the battery industry, FAAM's sales and service team will provide customers and partners with the most powerful support according to their needs.

宜兴法阿姆工业电池有限公司 Yixing FAAM Industrial Batteries Co., Ltd 中国江苏宜兴市徐舍镇工业集中区 Industrial Zone XuShe, YiXing, Jiangsu, China.
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