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意大利锂电池工厂启动中 Lithium Battery Factory In Italy: Ready To Start



Recently, many newspapers around Italy and Europe have been releasing the news about the new factory for Lithium Batteries of FAAM in Italy.


FAAM has installed the first production scale Li-ion pouch cell assembling line in Italy, covering from active material mixing to cell forming, and has gained almost seven years of experience in designing and assembling electrodes for different applications and using different active materials.


Picture of FAAM plant in Teverola


FAAM is the first Italian Li-Ion technology developer and provider, partnering with global leading players and Universities to develop proprietary lithium battery technologies focusing on next generation active materials and assembly processes. Along with the help of parent company Seri Group, we aim to develop the first Italian Li-ion battery vertical supply chain.

宜兴法阿姆工业电池有限公司 Yixing FAAM Industrial Batteries Co., Ltd 中国江苏宜兴市徐舍镇工业集中区 Industrial Zone XuShe, YiXing, Jiangsu, China.
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