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2020法阿姆新产品问世——LIBlock系列 2020: The Release of FAAM's New Product - LIBlock SERIES


Before the end of 2020, FAAM has brought us all a Christmas surprise –a new product released at 12:00, December 21st, Beijing time.

图|LIBlock 系列-工业用锂电池

LIBlock SERIES-Industrial Lithium battery


"Efficient, Environmental, Energy Saving", the surviving principles of FAAM and after repeated exploration by the FAAM research team, our new battery has been significantly improved in terms of battery life, safety and cost performance:


更长的循环寿命 Longer cycle life


3000 times cycle life, and 7.5 times longer than an SLA battery


更宽的温度范围 Wider temperature range



绿色产品 Green products

无污染 Zero pollution


重量更轻 Lighter weight


About 40% of the weight of an SLA battery


功率更大 Higher power


Delivers twice the amount of power of that of a lead acid battery


非常低的自放电 Very low self-discharge


As low as 3% per month


免维护 Maintenance free


No need for any maintenance during use


This type of battery has a wide range of application, including cleaning machines, small trucks, golf carts, and many more!

锂电池技术发展迅速,法阿姆时刻准备着为您的能源需求提供最好的方案,法阿姆 LIBlock 系列锂电池值得您的探索,期待与您的合作!

With the rapid development of lithium battery technology, FAAM is always ready to provide you with the best solution for your energy needs. FAAM LIBlock series lithium battery is worthy of your attention, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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