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From September 15th to 19th, the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) was held in Shanghai as the first national industrial exhibition of the pandemic prevention and control in China. The Italian Pavilion has been specially set up at the exhibition and as an old Italian enterprise investing in China, FAAM actively and enthusiastically participated in the exhibition.


FAAM was founded in Italy in 1974 and subsequently set up a factory in China in 2006. This is the first time to participate in China International Industry Fair, a showcase which lasts for 5 days and has 9 major professional exhibitions with more than 2,000 exhibitors. YIXING FAAM attaches great importance to every exhibition the company participates in and this year’s China International Industry Fair was no exception.

展会期间,值得重视的是意大利驻上海总领事Michele Cecchi先生和中国意大利商会会长 Paolo Bazzoni先生的到来,大家进行了深入交流。通过这个平台,法阿姆及时了解了客户需求,对继续深化本土化服务和技术创新有了更深的感悟。

During the exhibition, Mr. Michele Cecchi, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai and Mr. Paolo Bazzoni, President of Italian Chamber of Commerce in Chinavisited our booth and had an in-depth exchange of views. Through this platform, FAAM may better understand the needs of customers, and gain a deeper understanding in order to continuously deepen localized services and technological innovation.

宜兴法阿姆的总经理Ermanno Vitali先生表示,在电池这个领域,中国是个很好的市场,在中国的十年里市场增长很快,法阿姆也会加快步伐,加紧创新,为大家呈现更好的法阿姆

Mr. Ermanno Vitali, General Manager of YIXING FAAM, said that in the field of batteries, China is a very good market with tremendous growth potential. In that respect, FAAM will also accelerate its pace, step up its innovation, in order to present a better FAAM to everyone.



FAAM Invites You to Attend the 22nd China International Industry Fair!



As approved by the State Council, the 22nd China International Industry Fair will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from September 15th to 19th, 2020. This exhibition will consist of nine major thematic exhibitions, with an exhibition area of 245,000 square meters and more than 2,000 participating enterprises. It will adopt a new exhibition mode of "mainly offline, supplemented online " for the fair.


As an exhibitor, Yixing Faam Industrial Batteries Co., LTD will be present in the first Italian Machinery Industry Week of the 22nd China International Industry Fair.

如何免费参观?How to visit for free?


Please scan the QR code for registration


Chinese nationals


Overseas visitors


*From now until 18:00 on September 13th, registration is free of charge.


For participants, the exhibition will take measures such as real-name verification, time-sharing, off-peak, reservations and flow restrictions, etc. We will also ensure good preparations are made for effective epidemic prevention. From September 15th to September 19th, FAAM is looking forward to meeting you ~



FAAM Industrial Batteries Settled on Zhihu

知乎 · 法阿姆


From May 2020, Yixing FAAM Industrial Batteries Co., Ltd. has officially launched its Zhihu account, a real network platform connecting elites from all walks of life. On Zhihu, users share each other's professional knowledge, experience and insights, and provide a steady stream of high-quality information.



FAAM Industrial Batteries has also answered relevant professional questions for everyone:



What should we do with waste lithium batteries?


Lithium batteries are reusable and in some cases even recycled in industrial applications. Unfortunately, there is still no very clear policy on battery recycling, but governments still need to invest more and improve on lithium battery recycling.




What will be the next generation of lithium batteries?


Despite the possibility of new battery materials, lithium-ion battery technology is changing fast and is far from obsolete. Experts are now working on solid-state lithium batteries.




How to solve the problem of battery recycling for electric vehicles?


There are several projects around the world researching this very issue, all of which are currently in the development phase. In any case, the batteries in an electric car can be used in the back-up phase before being recycled. The new recovery process can make the recovery of the battery material over 85%.


2019 年诺贝尔化学奖授予锂电池,这项技术如何改变了我们的生活?

The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to lithium batteries. How has this technology changed our lives? 


It changed our lives a great deal, as the technology makes many electronic applications portable, efficient and durable. We are now all wireless and always connected.




What are the advantages and disadvantages of fuel cells over lithium-ion batteries?


The fuel cells system is relatively easy to convert to hydrogen, it has an abundance of supplies, it’s a renewable resource and it is also biodegradable. The disadvantages include high costs, lack of infrastructure, and a lack of safety compared to Lithium-battery tech.


FAAM Industrial Batteries welcomes everyone to leave us a message on the Zhihu platform, we will always be ready to answer your questions. Thank you for continuing to support our WeChat public account. The FAAM team promises to provide you with the most powerful support!

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