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The Legacy of Volta, The Birth of the Battery



On February 18, 1745, the great Italian physicist Volta was born in a small Italian town called Como. People at that time would not have believed how far-reaching an impact this child would have on the world. 


Volta and Como, Italy


Volta had shown great interest in electricity since he was a child. In 1799, Volta immersed a zinc plate and a silver plate in salt water and found that there was an electric current flowing through the wires connecting the two pieces of metal. He then placed paper soaked with salt water between the zinc and silver sheets and folded them flat. When he touched the two ends with his hands, he would feel a strong current stimulation. Volta used this method to successfully make the world's first battery ─ ─ "Volt Stack". This "Volt Stack" is actually a series-connected battery pack, the prototype of modern batteries.



The column and layer structure of the electrical organ of the torpedo fish. Volta drew inspiration from this structure to devise the battery


Volta's sketch of his electrolytic device 


In 1800 Volta published his long-term research results in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, making the world aware of Volta and his stack. The following year Napoleon made him an Earl after watching his battery show in Paris. To commemorate him, people named the measurement of voltage units with his name "Volt".


FAAM is a wholly-owned battery manufacturer in Italy, and its corporate culture is deeply influenced by this great Italian physicist. In FAAM, we attach great importance to technology and innovation. FAAM works hard in order to provide partners and customers with high-quality and cost-effective products. Thank you for your support!



In order to better serve customers and meet the needs of the company’s development, FAAM has updated the company’s official website., officially launched on July 28th, 2020. The domain name has been filed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and has improved the security and reliability of the website.




As the only wholly-owned company in China of the Italian SERI Industrial Group, the new version of the website has Italian, English and Chinese language options.




As a window for publicity and people’s better understanding of FAAM, after many revisions and updates, the new website has built a more intuitive and practical publicity platform. In addition to the well-designed layout, the company’s office address, contact phone number, e-mail address and other contact methods remain unchanged. In the background operation of the website, the company's own operation and website company updates have been combined, which provides for convenience, accuracy and timeliness for information updates.




We hope that our new website can bring you a more comfortable online experience. We will continue to bring you satisfactory products and services with our high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Our work is inseparable from your support, please follow our website and our company as always, thank you!



Xu Bing is a professional in power systems and automation and since joining FAAM in July 2008, he has been responsible for the maintenance of YIXING FAAM’s equipment department. From being promoted to equipment maintenance manager in 2012, and now serving as the environmental sanitation manager of FAAM, Xu Bing has extensively worked hard during his 12 years in YIXING FAAM.




Embodying a rigorous Xu Bing's working attitude, upon entering the company, Xu Bing carried out a comprehensive inspection of the factory's power system, responding to problems, raising certain issues, and performing dedicated research on aforesaid matters. He eliminatesthe hidden danger of harmonic losses and threats to electronic equipment and precision instruments.




Outside of work, Xu Bing likes to go out with his family, enjoys outings in the fresh air of the YIXING mountains, and regularly likes to go swimming. Xu Bing has said that he is always practicing FAAM 's famous quote "Happy work, Happy life."



We often hear Xu Bing say: "FAAM is a good company with a good corporate culture, full of human care. I hope I can work in FAAM until I retire!" FAAM also hopes to bring all FAAM employees and all FAAM friends more happiness and care!

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