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FAAM were one of the many prestigious companies in attendance for Italian Design Icons 2019 which was held from the 15th to the 17th of November at ideaPod the Bund, an event dedicated to the theme of “Innovative Design, the City of the Future”. IDI not only attracted numerous top Italian design brands and innovative companies in the industrial and technological sector to participate in the exhibition, but qualified speakers of expertise, art and design enthusiasts and many curious university students, while also garnering the attention of the public at large.


法阿姆参加了2019意大利品牌设计展 (IDI),于11月15日至17日在外滩ideaPod创意家俱乐部举办, 主题为“创新设计,未来之城”。意大利品牌设计展不仅吸引了大批意大利顶尖设计品牌和创新科技企业参展,同时也吸引了大量出色的演讲者,倍受社会人士、艺术和设计爱好者以及大学生群体的广泛关注。



The purpose of the exhibition was to promote, particularly among the Chinese public, industrial design and Italian mechanical brands. During the 3 day exhibition, all speakers shared with the many visitors their ideas during their lectures about innovation for a better society and new methods of industrial design.





This year's edition, the fourth in Shanghai, received precious support from its institutional partners which included the Consulate General of Italy in Shanghai, the Italian LUISS University Guido Carli in Rome, the Chinese University Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Design, the China - Italy Chamber of Commerce (CCIC) and the Italy China Foundation (FIC).





Among the thousands of visitors of this edition, it is especially worth noting the attendance of the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ivan Scalfarotto and Prof. Romano Prodi, former President of the Commission of the European Union and former Italian Prime Minister, who were both visiting Shanghai.

在众多的来访者中,值得一提的是,意大利外交部部长Ivan Scalfarotto先生和意大利前总理、欧盟委员会前主席罗马诺•普罗迪教授的前来。




Mr. Ermanno Vitali delivered a speech about the innovative products of FAAM for the city of the future: FAAM will introduce a system for Home Energy Storage in the market that will make your home “Energy Self-Sufficient”. This will be possible by accumulating energy during the day, thanks to a renewable energy source, and usable during the night when the needs of electricity are greater. The Product name is KOMBI, which is a highly technological product, designed to be produced with high standardization but with the ability to be assembled in various applications.

Ermanno Vitali先生就FAAM的创新产品“未来之城”发表演讲:FAAM将在市场上推出一种家庭储能系统,使您的家庭实现“自节能”。由于可再生能源的使用,这将可能通过在白天积累能量,并在夜间用电需求更高的时候使用。产品名称是KOMBI,它是一个非常高技术的产品,设计用于高标准化生产,然后组装在几个不同种类的应用程序。



This year at IDI, 14 of the most distinguished Italian brands in China were the prime participants and with their excellent products every booth looked both fantastic and unique. The gallery floor truly gave you a glimpse at the “city of the future". Famous brands such as Ansaldo Breda, Ariston, Casappa, Comau Robotics, Costa Crociere Asia, Ducati, FAAM, Fincantieri, IGuzzini, Itema, Maserati, Pirelli, Poltrona Frau and Targetti all contributed to the success of the event and the recently opened ideaPod location added an interesting sense of innovation to the entire exhibition.


今年,14个意大利著名品牌在IDI展出了他们的产品,凭借其出色的产品,每一个展位显示出其设计的独到与精奇,带领观众真正领略了未来之城的风采。参展品牌有安萨尔多布瑞达、阿里斯顿、凯斯帕、柯马、歌诗达邮轮、杜卡迪、法阿姆、芬坎蒂尼、依古姿妮、意达、玛莎拉蒂、倍耐力、柏秋纳弗洛和达尔杰帝等, 而新近启幕的ideaPod创意家俱乐部更是为整个展览增添了创新趣味。


The annual ASIA Pacific industry event - 2019 Shanghai CeMAT ASIA was held from October 23rd to October 26th in the Shanghai New International Expo Center as CeMAT ASIA celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. The exhibition's indoor and outdoor exhibition area reached new levels of spectacle and grandeur with more than 85,000 square meters, an increase of 15,000 square meters compared to last year. The event brought together more than 800 big-name companies in the fields of system integration, robotics, AGV and the forklift industry.

一年一度的亚太地区工业盛会——上海2019亚洲国际物流展览会于10.23至10.26在上海新国际博览中心隆重举行。今年,CeMAT ASIA迎来了20周年的庆典。展会室内外展出面积再创新高,超85000平米,较去年增长15000平米。汇集系统集成、机器人、AGV、叉车等各行业的800多家大牌企业。



As an old friend of CeMAT ASIA, YIXING FAAM attaches great importance to every exhibition. As such, at this year’s exhibition, we introduced the lithium battery imported from Italy as well as engaging with many of our old customers, such as HANGCHA GROUP, HAITIAN DRIVE, NINGBO CHOLIFT FORKLIFT CO. LTD, etc., who came to our booth and engaged in comprehensive business exchanges. Through this platform, we can be the first to understand the needs and suggestions of customers, continuing to deepen the localization of services and technical innovation. We have also launched our new FAAM logo during the exhibition, which is the only original FAAM logo designed by Italy.


作为CeMAT ASIA展会上的老朋友,宜兴法阿姆对每一次参展都极为重视。此次展会,我们推出了意大利全进口锂电池。展会期间很多老客户例如杭叉集团、海天驱动、宁波储力叉车等也来到我们的展台,大家进行了深入交流。通过这个平台,我们第一时间了解客户需求和建议,继续深化本土化服务和技术创新,收获颇丰。同时,我们也在展会期间正式推出了新的FAAM商标,这是唯一一个由意大利设计的原创FAAM商标。

Mr. Ermanno Vitali, General Manager of YIXING FAAM, said, "We are very happy to attend this exhibition. This platform not only shows the advanced technology of FAAM to Chinese users, but also serves as a bridge for communication within the industry. We are very satisfied with the size and effect of this year's CeMAT show.”


宜兴法阿姆的总经理Ermanno Vitali先生表示:“我们很高兴能参加此次展会,不仅借助这个平台向中国用户展示了法阿姆先进的技术,更是一次行业内互相交流沟通的桥梁。今年CeMAT展会观众规模和效果均达到我们预期,我们对此非常满意。”


The Advantages of FAAM products & Official Launch of New Logo

FAAM产品优势 & 新LOGO正式推出

The increasing demand for energy, improved lifespan and the conservation of energy are the driving forces behind the TTM Tubular Traction Maxi Advanced Lead Technology ranges, available in both DIN and BS standards.


FAAM batteries have a much lower internal resistance factor than the traditional PzS batteries which means that they will become less overheated and a lower amount of energy will be needed to fully charge them. As a result, there are significant economic savings related to the single charge of the battery along with a longer overall battery life, both which are very beneficial to the user.



Thermography of FAAM battery

High strength, heavy cyclic use and high availability, long life, fast charging and maintenance free are just some of the main features of our innovative LiPower lithium solution for Motive Power applications.




The new FAAM trademark was officially launched at CEMAT Shanghai in 2019. The original FAAM logo, designed by Italy.



宜兴法阿姆工业电池有限公司 Yixing FAAM Industrial Batteries Co., Ltd 中国江苏宜兴市徐舍镇工业集中区 Industrial Zone XuShe, YiXing, Jiangsu, China.
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