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FAAM祝您中秋快乐 阖家团圆

FAAM wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival





Send a wisp of autumn wind to accompany you, 

Send a smile to make you feel better,

Send a moon cake to sweeten your heart,

Send a blessing to leave you satisfied.




On the occasion of Mid-Autumn festival, YiXing FAAM Industrial Battery co., ltd. would like to extend it’s sincere greetings to all of our customers! Thank you for your long-term support and kindness, wishing you and your family ahappy Mid-Autumn festival! The Italian mother company of Yixing FAAM, SERI GROUP, listed in the Italian Stock Market, is implementing a new strategic plan for it’s Chinese factory and we want to assure you that we will continue to meet the challenges of the market with a spirit of innovation and dedication, using the knowledge and passion with which we work with every day in order to improve your lives today, creating value for the days to come!


General Manager: Ermanno Vitali

Advanced Lead Technology - Quality Beyond the PzS DIN Standard

先进的领先技术-质量超过Pzs DIN标准

FAAM has been addressing the challenges of the market with a spirit of both innovation and dedication for over 40 years: from design to post-sales assistance we are always looking for the best solutions to create the greatest value for our partners! Committed to meeting any need in the field of energy accumulation by offering an innovative and distinctly Italian solution that stands out for its high efficiency. 




The key to everything is our "energy efficiency": the knowledge and passion with which we work every day to improve your lives today, creating value for the future.




The TTM range is designed and manufactured to obtain a higher performance compared to standard batteries while conforming toDIN regulation standards. These batteries have been improved in areas such as the raw materials used and the design and the production process in order to maximize the electrochemical and mechanical features. The increasingly high energy demand of customers, the rise in the required operating life, the demands of energy conservation and the need to reduce operating costs have been the drivers for the design and production changes implemented for these two new ranges of batteries. Built with high purity lead oxide (up to 99.99%), they offer excellent performance even in the toughest of conditions. Furthermore, the reduced internal resistance of the cells provides maximum power and saves energy.




FAAM batteries have a much lower internal resistance factor than the traditional PzS batteries. This means that they will overheat less as well as requiring significantly lower amounts of energy to fully charge. Thanks to this, the economic savings related to the single charges, but above all to the entire life of the battery, will be very high, thus making significant gains.


The TTM range provide higher flexibility and operating efficiency during their use. The technology used allows a considerable reduction in the water used compared to traditional batteries, lower electrical input currents whilst achieving the same power and reduced overheating of the battery


The TTM ranges are 'characterized' by low internal impedance, as the average discharge voltage is much higher compared to an ordinary battery (PzS–PzB). This leads to some benefits in terms of energy efficiency, reaching up to more than 7% increased capacity with the same stored energy. It translates into a higher rate of usage of your electric truck for every charge with less changes of batteries and therefore, an increase in productivity, a decrease in energy costs and a higher level of safety in use due to fewer battery changes.


Kiev, Aprile 2018 - L'esposizione Solar fa parte della Fiera Internazionale Elcom Ucraina, dedicata all'ingegneria elettrica, all'energia elettrica e all'efficienza energetica. Questa edizione, la 22°, ha visto la partecipazione di 253 espositori da 13 nazioni . ENERGY GMBH LLC, distributore esclusivo del marchio FAAM in Ucraina, era presente per mostrare tutte le soluzioni FAAM, ricevere oltre 200 visitatori e stabilire importanti collaborazioni con i nuovi clienti. Professionalità, entusiasmo e dinamismo sono solo alcuni aspetti che caratterizzano il team di ENERGY GMBH LLC, che ha una grande conoscenza del mercato e un grandissimo spirito di innovazione. A tutto il Team, le nostre più sentite congratulazioni per questo successo e per il lavoro che svolgono con passione ogni giorno!

宜兴法阿姆工业电池有限公司 Yixing FAAM Industrial Batteries Co., Ltd 中国江苏宜兴市徐舍镇工业集中区 Industrial Zone XuShe, YiXing, Jiangsu, China.
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