2023 FAAM中国欢乐出游季 2023 FAAM China's happy tour
新闻 2023.05.17

旅游分享|Travel sharing


As the weather was getting hot, the FAAM family organized a company tour. With the families, we came to Zhejiang and started a two-day-one-night group tour. This is the integration of work and family!



This is a characteristic pier that integrates entertainment and view, and naturally integrates the architectural group into the cultural landscape atmosphere of the south bank of Taihu Lake. The far view of the Moon Bay Hotel is the first stop for the FAAM family here.



Visit the AAAAA historical and cultural town [Nanxun Ancient Town] in Zhejiang Province. A city river runs through the town. The ancient stone arch bridge, the small streets and alleys along the river, and the hundred-storey residential buildings built along the water, still look like the old days. There are many places of interest in Nanxun, harmoniously melting with the natural scenery, and the FAAM family is wandering in the rich historical and cultural heritage and spirit.



This is a luxurious audio-visual feast of sound, light, electricity and water! The light show and the water fireworks show match, in the background of the Taihu ancient architecture group seems to come through time and space, accompanied by sometimes slow, sometimes magnificent music rhythm, lively, FAAM family applauded and praised its style.



This is a large wildlife park integrating wildlife display, scientific research, conservation education and interactive experience. It is a national source base of rare animals and plants in the world. Wild animals are leisurely walking in the exhibition hall built along the mountain, and FAAM family take children to enjoy the beauty of nature from multiple angles.



Grasp the tail of spring, the happy journey of FAAM family has come to an end, but FAAM is still forging ahead. We are more united and more committed, looking forward to the next 450 years ~

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