FAAM 新品,TOP Endurance 电池!FAAM new product,TOP Endurance Battery!
新闻 2023.04.28

随着客户对能源的需求越来越高,所需使用寿命的提高,节能需求和降低运行成本的需要,FAAM TOP Endurance电池应运而生。

With the increasing demand of customers for energy, the improvement of the required service life, the need for energy saving and the need to reduce the operating cost, the FAAM TOP Endurance battery came into being.

优势 Advantages

更多的能源,更少的成本 More energy,less costs


By applying proprietary technology, the TOP battery has been improved in terms of raw material use, design and production process to maximize its electrochemical and mechanical properties.

长续航电池 Batteries for long distances


The special formulation of the active material, the alloys used and the implementation of the innovative process make the battery life very long.

节能 Energy Saving


Compared with traditional PzS batteries, FAAM batteries have a much lower coefficient of internal resistance. This means they will overheat less and require less energy to saturate.

更少水消耗 Batteries for long distances


The ENDURANCE battery provides increased flexibility and maneuverability during use. Compared to conventional batteries, the technology greatly reduces water consumption, reduces input current, while obtaining the same amount of power, and reduces battery overheating.

CO2排放量的减少 Reduction of CO2 emissions


When the ‘LIFE CYCLE’ and its energy effciency are taken in toaccount, the use of this battery is estimated to reduce CO2 emissions by over 30% compared to traditional batteries, with the same capacity and operating conditions.

更多的能量储存 More stored energy


The ENDURANCE are 'characterized' by a low internal impedance, the average discharge voltage is much higher compared to an ordinary battery (PzS–PzB).This leads to some benefits in terms of energy effciency, reaching up to more than 7% more capacity with the same stored energy.

无论情况多么复杂多么困难,FAAM时刻准备着为客户的能源需求提供最好的解决方案,FAAM TOP Endurance系列电池更高效更环保更节能FAAM中国助力您建立更高层次的可循环能源管理系统。

No matter how complicated or difficult the situation is, FAAM is always ready to provide the best solution for the customer's energy needs. FAAM TOP Endurance battery series is more efficient, more environmental and more energy savingFAAM China helps you build a higher level of renewable energy management system.

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